Participation in the Business-seminar: “ GREENS ROOFS IN RUSSIA: advantages, economy, technology”

One of the most important  development of modern cities is a cardinal change of quality of city's urban environment - repeated increase of her comfort, powerefficiency and harmlessness. For supplying of these parameters both in separate buildings, and on big territories new design and technological approaches are required.

Today this complex of the decisions is presented in the toolkit of ecological construction. As a matter of fact, эк-construction is a new phase of development of architectural and civil engineering branch, on which before architects simply fantastic opportunities on development of their business - through formation and granting to the customer of new design services lift off which allow to optimise process of creation and operation of objects on each phase of their life cycle.

One of the most advanced building technologies which are capable to provide a series of important advantages of real estate objects, the technologies of creation of greens roofs are, of which in detail our chief tells

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